Mack Pinnacle


The Mack® PinnacleTM DayCab is a versatile workhorse for all your regional trips. It delivers great power, fuel economy and maneuverability throughout the day and across your diverse business needs.



Axel Forward                                                    Axel Back




Pinnacle™ Sleepers are designed for driver comfort as well as heavy loads, steep grades and long hauls. They've got the brawn and fuel efficiency to run longer and maximize your bottom line. There are five sleepers available:

48- and 56-inch Flattops, 60- & 70-inch mid-rise and our 70-inch high-rise. All sleepers are available on both Pinnacle Axle Back or Axle Forward models.


Axel Forward                                                    Axel Back



For more information, click HERE to view Mack's PINNACLE brochures.