Tech Tips


We will now be offering weekly Tech Tips here on our website. Be sure to visit the site each week for the latest helpful tips & tricks.

Tech Tip #1:

Air dryer maintenance is necessary for your braking system and helps ensure proper ABS, transmission, and regeneration function. Clean, dry air aids in extending component life.

Tech Tip #2:

Maintaining clean and tight battery connections not only provides for a better working, starting and charging system, but helps to eliminate erroneous coding & ensures correct power supply for your emissions system.

Tech Tip #3:

Maintaining tire pressure not only extends the life of your tires, it also contributes to better fuel mileage and less wear on differentials.

Tech Tip #4:

It is important to use quality lubricants to maintain the life and durability of your truck. We recommend referring to the Volvo or Mack approved lubricants list, available on e-media.

Tech Tip #5:

Regularly inspect your hoses and belts for signs of wear and damage. A roadside breakdown due to these items is considerably expensive and in most cases avoidable.

Tech Tip #6:
Before considering Biodiesel as an alternative fuel, check with the vehicle manufacturers documentation for the blend ratio recommended for your engine. The base component of biodiesel must also be considered, as some vegetable bases are not suitable for late model equipment.

Tech Tip #7:

The use of Biodiesel requires increased filter maintenance due to sediment and the potential for gelling in cold weather.

Tech Tip #8:

2014 and newer equipment runs higher oil temperatures, compared to older models. Do not be surprised to see average oil temperatures above 240°. This is not a fault or defect, the engine protection begins at 257°.

Tech Tip #9:

Should your 2010 or newer vehicle request a parked re-gen, it is very important that you initialize and allow the re-gen to complete. Failure to do so may raise the soot level past the point where the driver can start one, and will require a visit to the service center.

Tech Tip #10
If performing wiring repairs to your newer vehicle, it is important to follow the schematic and routing of the original wiring. Bypasses and jumpers can cause system malfunctions or inoperable lighting and possibly inaccurate coding in related modules.

Tech Tip #11:

During warmer temperatures and increased A/C usage, cabin filter maintenance will likely be required. Dry warm temperatures mean extra dust in the air and will plug your filter faster when combined with the moisture created by the A/C.

Tech Tip #12:

If you are performing after-treatment repairs, you will likely need to have access to OEM software to reset data or possibly the soot level in the filter. A local dealer is the wisest choice to check and maintain system performance.

Tech Tip #13:

On your Mack GU or CXU models, if you hold the enter button on the stalk for 3 seconds the dash will display your mileage and total hours.

Tech Tip #14:

With the cooler weather approaching you may notice your truck's engine ramping up in rpm without driver interaction. This is a normal function of your newer engine, it is generating heat to warm the catalysts in the emission system. A trip to the dealer is not needed, should you notice this behavior.

Tech Tip #15:

With winter quickly approaching, our recommended practices include: battery and charging system tests and maintenance, cooling system checks such as antifreeze strength, as well as your belts and hoses. Now is also a good time to consider servicing the air dryer.

Stay tuned for more next week!